Crystallized Couture is your trusted Rhinestone Apparel  and Custom Rhinestone Apparel boutique.

Providing popular rhinestone apparel and rhinestone accessories to meet your wants and needs at affordable prices is our goal.  Our rhinestone apparel is what really makes you stand out from your friends and others around you!  We specialize in rhinestone shirts, rhinestone hats, rhinestone jackets, as well as other rhinestone apparel that you may be needing for certain events.  When you are looking for quality bling shirts and hats you won’t find many other products with quite the quality as you get from Crystallized Couture.  We use higher quality shirts from Bella Brand, and most of our jackets from from Alo.  When you wear our products you feel the difference, and others around you will notice the difference as well.   You can fill out a custom order form it there something you want customized for you, your business or favorite team.