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Rhinestone Cheer Wear Suit My Style

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A lot of my friends love any opportunity to dress down or dress casually, but I really prefer to include a touch of glamour whenever I can. I have gotten some lively feedback about my personal preferences of cheer wear over the years, but my rhinestone shirts have helped me combine dressing casually with my love of dressing with flair and style. My friends like seeing me dressed in comfortable tees but the touch of sparkle is the thing that I really love the most. Sometimes I forget how great my rhinestone shirts look when I toss one on to run a quick errand, but the great feedback never lets me forget for long.

My cherished rings, watches, and bracelets always overshadowed my casual outfits, and this is why my look never seemed to be quite right. My rhinestone shirts for cheer teams have really added a seamless quality to my comfortable clothes, and now my quality jewelry compliments my wardrobe perfectly. I feel a bit undone without one of my favored jewelry items, but now I wear my precious metals and gemstones with confidence each day. My wardrobe and accessories have essentially gone from clashing to smashing, and I really enjoy mixing and matching my impressive casual wear to come up with even more appealing looks.

The people closest to me have come to expect more than an unadorned or traditional casual look when they see me, and I love being able to live up to their style expectations so easily. I really have a lot of fun wearing my rhinestone shirts, and I have fully embraced my role as a trendsetter amongst my peers. I may be described as reserved in other areas of my life, but I doubt that I will ever hear that term when it comes to the way I dress.

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