Custom Rhinestone Apparel

Crystallized Couture can make customized rhinestone apparel for your business, favorite team, or just to give different apparel the bling that will make you stand out from everyone else!  We are a company that was founded on designing and making custom rhinestone apparel for friends, family, and then referrals from those friends and family.  We have made custom rhinestone shirts, hats, jackets, and sporting bags for restaurants, local sports teams, cheer & gymnastic teams, and other organizations.  It doesn’t matter how many or few you need we are able to get it done for you!

Custom Rhinestone Hats

Crystallized Couture Custom Rhinestone Hat

We will design custom rhinestone hats with the style you like and what fits your style.  Whether it is for your favorite team, supporting your kids’ in their events, your business logo, or for a special event.  There really aren’t any limitations on what we can do for you; we can customize the hat with your name, logo, slogan, and even get embroidery done if needed.
Custom Rhinestone hat for team fundraiserKC Chiefs Rhinestone HatThe Real Moms of Football Rhinestone Hat

Custom Rhinestone Shirts

Crystallized Couture Custom Shirt
Many of the custom rhinestone shirts and jackets we do are for local businesses and sports teams.  The women workers of many small local businesses like to wear bling while working, and our custom rhinestone shirts are a cost effective way to help the brand stand out and keep employees upbeat.  There are a lot of  cheer and gymnastic teams that use our services to design custom rhinestone apparel for their teams outerwear, competition uniforms, and recital shirts.  We have the capability to do large orders so that you can have shirts available for the supportive mom’s, sister’s, and grandma’s and other relatives.
The real moms of Football rhinestone shirt and hatsorority shirtscustom rhinestone shirt for school fundraiser

Custom Rhinestone Jackets

We also create custom rhinestone jackets for your favorite team, event, school or team fundraiser or anything else you may be interested in.  Typically we use Alo Brand yoga jackets because of the high quality look, feel, and style that many women want.  However, they currently only make these jackets for women and do not have youth sizes available.  So we have other companies that we use their jackets for younger children.

Rhinestone Yoga Jacket for school fundraiserFamily custom rhinestone jacketCustom Rhinestone Jackets for families

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