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Cheer Shirts: Academic Bling

Academic institutions have often expected or suggested some form of uniform for their students. Cheer teams might have chosen matching ties, a color scheme, or a particular jacket/shirt combo so they could recognize each other easily in a crowd and be recognized by other people on campus. Female cheer team members are proud of their cheer sisters, but the idea of a uniform has changed in recent years. Stripes are out; bling is in. Let Crystallized Couture design and make cheer shirts and other apparel with bling for your sorority.

Glitzy College Wear Online

Today, female students are adding glitz to their outfits, changing simple short-sleeved tee-shirts into uniforms of a kind. They custom design their cheer shirts with rhinestone details, all matching. A school blazer and knee socks will never look the same.

Personalized, Shiny Fashion

Cheer shirts can be personalized to boast the name of each sister, or they can all be made the same. One main component has to be there, though: the sorority initials. When you order cheer shirts, let the company know what the colors of your team are. They will be worked onto each shirt in big, bold font reflecting the light from hundreds of tiny rhinestones. To order your cheer shirt design, all you have to do is call.

Unlimited Selection of Colors

Select the color of the sorority shirts you would like and the colors of the rhinestones. Make yours unique. In fact, add an element to your outfit by matching a hat, pants, or jacket with them.

Visualize the Design: a College Research Project

Take a look online at what a shirt will look like when it is finished so you can visualize the end result, but also for ideas about color schemes and complementing shades of rhinestones against each other and the fabric.  Let us create sorority apparel for you and your sisters that will last for years to come.  You could go crazy with your wardrobe, or keep it simple and affordable. After all, the money you saved for college was supposed to pay for books and tuition, not rhinestones.

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