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The Team Jacket As A Team Uniform

Cheer squads look for any way to build a team identity. Some of these ways are more subtle than others, such as keychains, but there are also ways to make it obvious. Team jackets are the best way of expressing that team spirit, allowing the squad to show that they are both one of the school’s athletic teams as well as that they are belong to the same team. Although there are ways to individualize them, the ideal is for the jackets to be worn in the same way so as to make the team jackets a uniform of sorts for the cheer squad, demonstrating that they belong to each other.

Although traditional team jackets follow the same construction of leather sleeves on a fabric body, not all cheer squads follow that tradition. The traditional jackets are just too bulky for some, and others just want something that is either more feminine or simply something less traditional. Silk jackets have been in style before, as have even sweatshirts, both suit tops and hoodies, but the traditional team jacket continues to be the standard against which all other team jackets are judged. Although it can be bulky, it is also warm and looks good with with medals and ribbons.

The traditional team jacket is also a favorite because of how easy it is to individualize. The zipper pull alone sees a lot of decoration done to it; ribbons and cel phone hangers are commonly used. The lapels are another area of decoration, with pens, embroidery, and even glued-on gems. Some jackets can sport some serious detailing, especially if the person has owned it for several years. A team jacket can thus represent not only the team but the individual as well, making for something that works as a uniform as well as a personal statement.

Rhinestone Cheer Wear Suit My Style

A lot of my friends love any opportunity to dress down or dress casually, but I really prefer to include a touch of glamour whenever I can. I have gotten some lively feedback about my personal preferences of cheer wear over the years, but my rhinestone shirts have helped me combine dressing casually with my love of dressing with flair and style. My friends like seeing me dressed in comfortable tees but the touch of sparkle is the thing that I really love the most. Sometimes I forget how great my rhinestone shirts look when I toss one on to run a quick errand, but the great feedback never lets me forget for long.

My cherished rings, watches, and bracelets always overshadowed my casual outfits, and this is why my look never seemed to be quite right. My rhinestone shirts for cheer teams have really added a seamless quality to my comfortable clothes, and now my quality jewelry compliments my wardrobe perfectly. I feel a bit undone without one of my favored jewelry items, but now I wear my precious metals and gemstones with confidence each day. My wardrobe and accessories have essentially gone from clashing to smashing, and I really enjoy mixing and matching my impressive casual wear to come up with even more appealing looks.

The people closest to me have come to expect more than an unadorned or traditional casual look when they see me, and I love being able to live up to their style expectations so easily. I really have a lot of fun wearing my rhinestone shirts, and I have fully embraced my role as a trendsetter amongst my peers. I may be described as reserved in other areas of my life, but I doubt that I will ever hear that term when it comes to the way I dress.

Cheer Shirts: Academic Bling

Academic institutions have often expected or suggested some form of uniform for their students. Cheer teams might have chosen matching ties, a color scheme, or a particular jacket/shirt combo so they could recognize each other easily in a crowd and be recognized by other people on campus. Female cheer team members are proud of their cheer sisters, but the idea of a uniform has changed in recent years. Stripes are out; bling is in. Let Crystallized Couture design and make cheer shirts and other apparel with bling for your sorority.

Glitzy College Wear Online

Today, female students are adding glitz to their outfits, changing simple short-sleeved tee-shirts into uniforms of a kind. They custom design their cheer shirts with rhinestone details, all matching. A school blazer and knee socks will never look the same.

Personalized, Shiny Fashion

Cheer shirts can be personalized to boast the name of each sister, or they can all be made the same. One main component has to be there, though: the sorority initials. When you order cheer shirts, let the company know what the colors of your team are. They will be worked onto each shirt in big, bold font reflecting the light from hundreds of tiny rhinestones. To order your cheer shirt design, all you have to do is call.

Unlimited Selection of Colors

Select the color of the sorority shirts you would like and the colors of the rhinestones. Make yours unique. In fact, add an element to your outfit by matching a hat, pants, or jacket with them.

Visualize the Design: a College Research Project

Take a look online at what a shirt will look like when it is finished so you can visualize the end result, but also for ideas about color schemes and complementing shades of rhinestones against each other and the fabric.  Let us create sorority apparel for you and your sisters that will last for years to come.  You could go crazy with your wardrobe, or keep it simple and affordable. After all, the money you saved for college was supposed to pay for books and tuition, not rhinestones.

Rhinestone Dance Team Jackets Are A Stylish Fashion Accessory

When it comes to finding the ultimate rhinestone accessories consider the pizzazz and glitz of beautiful rhinestone dance team jackets. Whether you prefer a headwrap with sparkling bling or a cap to support your favorite team, there is a perfect rhinestone accessory to meet your fashion needs. In fact, there are many styles jackets, shirts, and caps that can have rhinestones added to create a unique and beautiful look. Today, you can find rhinestones on everything from tops and pants to belts, hats and even wallets and phone cases. The sparkle and brilliance of rhinestones is an excellent way to add style to just about anything.

Of course, if you really want something special and unique, you might want to consider the possibilities that custom rhinestone jackets can provide. After all, there are times when you simply cannot find the hat that has the design or saying you know you want. Fortunately, when you get a customized hat, there is no limit to your choices of design or color. In fact, many school groups and youth sports teams will love having their own customized rhinestone jackets with their team name and logo. However, ,whether you choose a custom rhinestone jacket or one of the great looking rhinestone shirts that is already embellished with sparkling rhinestones, you can be sure it will be something that will get you noticed.

Just about everyone loves the beautiful look of sparkling rhinestones, especially when they are used to bling out a favorite accessory. Fortunately, if you have ever wanted a rhinestone dance team jacket, here’s the perfect opportunity to combine two great looks into one stylish accessory. Dance or cheer wear, such as warm up jackets, is extremely popular with people from all areas of the country and adding some bling with sparkling rhinestones can take your ordinary jacket and make it something extraordinary.

Custom Rhinestone Shirts: A Great Gift Idea

It can get quite difficult to think about what to give during an occasion. You may have a niece who is celebrating her birthday, a lady friend who just got promoted, a female cousin who is getting married, or a sister who recently gave birth. In these special events, it could be exhausting to even think of a present that would not be too typical or ordinary. To make the recipient feel a lot more special, give them something like custom rhinestone shirts. This way, you can give a gift that sparkles, without having to hurt your savings.

The great thing about rhinestones is that they could be put into most fabrics and most types of shirts. It can enhance the visual appeal of a top with a basic pattern or an elaborate design. With your custom rhinestone shirts you can even have special characters, names, quotes, or designs depending on whom you are giving it to. Rhinestones come in various sizes so you could use the small ones to spell words or names, and then the big ones can be used as embellishments. Because rhinestones pop out from the surface of the shirt, its physical appeal and texture make it a lot more interesting than silk-screen or rubberized prints.

If you don’t want to give gifts that look cheap and generic, choose something that sparkles and shines. Although custom rhinestone shirts look expensive, it is actually an affordable gift idea. The people you give it to would not be able to resist wearing them outside and maybe even during parties. The sparkle of the rhinestones make it look a lot more elegant. Now, you can forget about the usual gifts that might only make the recipient yawn. They will surely appreciate a gift that took effort, hard work, and creativity to be completed especially for them.

Brighten Up Your Dance Team With Bling Dance Apparel

Are you searching for a cool and unique way to promote yours dance team? Do you want to try out a trend that is guaranteed to put you far ahead of your competition and get others interested in joining your group? Bling Dance Apparel are a great way to get people interested in your team and all of the benefits that joining your group can offer them. It’s stylish, unique, fashionable, and is always guaranteed to encourage people to ask questions about what sorority you belong to and what it represents.

Shirts are one of the most subtle and unique promotion methods that you can take advantage of on campus and they are far more affordable than some of the common marketing and promotion plans that other sororities are known to use.  However, it isn’t just a matter of promotion. Having dance team shirts is another great way to encourage unity and interest among your team members. The ability to have matching shirts reminds everyone that they all belong to the same group, regardless of their interests or their differences. When everyone is at an event and wearing their bling dance apparel together, it makes it more obvious that all of the girls are standing together united as a team. This type of visual promotion makes other girls more likely to want to get involved with your sorority group because they will recognize that the group is more like a large family than anything else.
If you’re interested in sorority shirts or other team apparel, why not opt for something more personalized? Our stunning bling dance shirt collection will ensure that your team is the center of attention. We can also do dance team jackets, warm-ups, hoodies & sweatshirts, as well as bottoms. These shirts are not only great for campus events and fundraisers, they are also a great gift to your team members who have dedicated themselves to the cause and calling of your group.

Have Fun With Cheer Shirts

I work with cheer teams in a relatively casual environment when it comes to what we wear, and our wardrobe includes a lot of tees and other informal tops as a result. I love these items, but sometimes it would be nice to add a little flair to what we usually wear each day. There are lots of times when I could wear something less conservative, but I really enjoy the comfort of my knits, tees, and denim pieces. I decided to do some quick online browsing to find a way to add some easy sparkle, and when I found rhinestone cheer shirts I knew that I was on the right style track for me.

Now I have an impressive assortment of personalized cheer shirts that display my love of our team and routing for the football and basketball teams.  We now  feel a bit more dressed up even though we are dressed for comfort. My cute rings, watches, and bracelets look even better with my casual clothes now that I have an added touch of rhinestone in my wardrobe, and my denim goes from daytime work to nighttime fun in an instant. Sometimes all it takes is a quick change of shoes to be ready to have a good time with friends, and I love how much versatility I have with my new clothing options.

I get a real kick out of putting on my emblazoned tees and denim shirts, and all the positive feedback makes things even more fun. I guess I have to admit how much I love to shine when it comes to my clothes, and standing out has been a wonderful boost to my confidence. I really enjoy mixing and matching my new things, and getting dressed each day has become something to look forward to whether it is for work, for leisure, or for play.  Let Crystallized Couture design and create your custom rhinestone shirts.

Pop Your Personality With Cheer Mom Shirts

Looking for a cool way to advertise your cheer team? Or maybe you want to show some team spirit for your child’s basketball team? Perhaps you want to make your friend smile on a special day of hers? You can do just that with cheer mom shirts! One of the aspects I really love about these cheer shirts is that you can buy them as is or you can get funky and creative and actually create custom rhinestone shirts. This is a cool and very imaginative way to get your business noticed, but it’s also a nice way to show some team spirit with a little bling bling. If you manage a cheer team and you want to get your name out there, why not try customizing your logo and having it applied to a shirt with rhinestones? You can even get your members and mom’s to start wearing them as well to help advertise your business.

Unlike regular old logo t-shirts that don’t have any extra added “pop”,  cheer mom shirts is a great way to get people to notice what your t-shirt says and actually take notice and take action. People will stop you on the street and ask if they can read your t-shirt. You can even brand your business like so many of the other companies out there do by using certain colored rhinestones on your shirt. If you don’t have a business and you just want a customized gift made with love and thought, you can do this as well using a custom bling shirt.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Rhinestones? Isn’t that going to be expensive?” In reality the shirt is what you make of it. You can use either clear or colored stones as well as a variety of different stones making it incredibly affordable for your needs. The colored stones are of course going to be a tad more expensive, but they are going to make the shirt look absolutely outstanding! If you want to go the affordable route, but you still want the cheer shirts to look amazing you could even do a clear + colored rhinestone option using the colors as accents rather than the whole design colored. But, since its customized, you can do whatever your heart desires!

Just think of all the occasions you could wear your custom shirts at or for the different events. You could use it for a bridal shower, a birthday, any holiday or perhaps even something like a bachelorette party. How fun would that be?! Custom rhinestone shirts are a superb way to make a charity, a fundraiser, a business, your sports team or any other event stand out.

Show Off Dance Team Pride With Dance Team Shirts

Being accepted onto a dance team takes time and persistence unlike joining other organizations where just a fee needs to be paid to gain acceptance. Once a person has been accepted into a dance team, they will want to be able to show off their affiliation in being part of the group. A great way for them to do so is with dance team shirts that reflect the time that they put into gaining membership into such a wonderful group.

Dance team shirts can be designed in just about any manner to fully represent a specific team with their letters, specific color, and even be personalized on the back with a last name or logo. They can be created as t-shirts for warm weather and even long-sleeved cotton shirts for the colder months with other options available. The customizations possible are limitless, and with a little creativity they can be unique enough to stand out from other sororities.

These would make great gifts for pledges that have been accepted into the dance team after they have become a member or even for alumni of the team that return for reunions. Special shirts could even be designed for pledges to wear during their initiation into the sorority that identify them as a pledge to others. Another way that customized dance team shirts can come in handy is for special events. These events can be school sponsored, such as athlete events or spirit events, where the dancers are able to show off their pride in their school, and being a part of their team. Dance sisters will be able to spot each other in the crowd by wearing the same customized shirts. This would also be a great way to show solidarity when dealing with events that involve other sororities. They make great name-tags to show which sisters belong with a certain sorority. Using customized shirts in this fashion would be perfect for contests between the different fraternities and sororities located at a particular university.

Being part of a sisterhood is something to be proud of and dance team shirts or other dance apparel that are customized for a particular team is a great way to show off that membership. There are many different customizations that are available from color to shirt type that make each shirt a unique representation of that particular sorority. They can make for great gifts for past, present and future members to wear with pride.

The Beauty of Dance Warm Ups

The look of today’s dance warm ups is certainly something that has become extremely popular with many teams, especially given the wide range of design styles that are now available. Whether you like the look of rhinestones emblazoned on the latest denim top or you want a chic tee shirt bedazzled with sparkling rhinestones, choosing the right elements can help ensure that you have a wardrobe essential that will look great on you while also adding to your sense of style. Rhinestones have certainly become one of today’s hottest trends.

If you are thinking about getting a beautiful rhinestone dance warm up it is important to keep in mind that you can choose from a number of great options. Some people prefer one of the fashion savvy jackets created by today’s leading clothing designers; however, there are certainly other options, including making your own jackets or designing a custom rhinestone jacket. The choice will depend on your own personal preferences, as well as your budget.

Custom Dance Team Warm Ups

While it is always possible to find some very stylish and great looking jackets on the ready-made market, one of the best ways to get the rhinestone dance warm ups of your dreams is to look at the possibilities of creating a custom designed shirt. There can be many reasons why you would choose the custom design route; however, one of the most popular is that it gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect design and style for your particular wardrobe needs.

For example, whether you have a favorite sports team, flower, pet or just about any other element, it can be crafted into a stunning rhinestone design on just about any type of shirt or accessory. Additionally, when you choose your own custom design, you can be sure that the size, color and layout are exactly what you want. The important thing to keep in mind when choosing a custom design is that you want your shirt to be crafted by someone who has experience with this type of clothing embellishment. Quality rhinestones and craftsmanship can make a big difference in the beauty of your final piece.

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